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Life Insurance Policies- Life Insurance is Not Only for Older, Married Individuals

Utilizing the benefits of a life insurance policy can help you to make sure your loved ones are financially secure should something happen to you. Many people hate to have to think of life insurance. It is not an exciting topic and most think they have plenty of time to ensure the future of their […]

Metropolitan Life Branches Out Into Other Financial Areas

When 1942 came to a close the life insurance companies of the United States and the Dominion of Canada held $37,000,000,000 in trust for the security of 70,000,000 policyholders and their families. This capital, accumulated to meet future policy obligations, constituted a mighty reservoir of private funds. The investment of these sums safely and productively […]

Move Ahead Towards a Better Life After Investing in the Whole Term Life Insurance Policy

When there is only person in the family who has to take care of all the comforts and requirements of every one then obviously it becomes quite difficult to tackle the situations cleverly. But nevertheless if we are aware of the returns and the coverage shield of the life insurance policies, then I think everything […]

Funeral Insurance- Do I Need It?

Funerals! We all heard of them, although no one likes to talk about them. Let\’s face it; we are only here for a short stay. We must prepare for what lies ahead Funeral pre-planning is something everyone ahould consider doing. By having a plan in place, can lessen the burden on loved ones. A burial […]

Types of Life Insurance Policies

Want to get the most for your money when buying a life insurance policy, then you need to know the basics of what the different types of life insurance policies mean and do. Term Life Insurance Just by thinking about the name of this type of insurance you may have a pretty good idea of […]

What Is A Survivorship or Second To Die Life Insurance Policy?

A survivorship life insurance or a second to die life insurance is a life insurance policy that covers the lives of two individuals with just one policy and premiums to only one policy. This policy pays a death benefit after both insureds have died. The cost for this survivorship life insurance policy is usually lower […]