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Designating a Beneficiary for Life Insurance

A beneficiary is the person or entity you name (i.e., designate) to receive the death benefits of a life insurance policy. Some states require that your beneficiary have an insurable interest in your life or be related to you (at least at the time the contract is initiated), while others have no such restriction. If […]

Life Insurance and Charitable Giving

Life insurance can be an excellent tool for charitable giving. Not only does life insurance allow you to make a substantial gift to charity at relatively little cost to you, but you may also benefit from tax rules that apply to gifts of life insurance. Why use life insurance for charitable giving? Life insurance allows […]

Pet Insurance

Whether you want to protect yourself from the financial loss that could result from the death of your prize-winning racehorse, or you simply want to make your golden retriever\’s veterinary bills more affordable, you may want to look into purchasing some form of pet insurance. For the most part, pet insurance refers to two types […]

Planning Ahead for Life Insurance Proceeds

Why did you purchase life insurance? If you\’re like most people who buy life insurance, you\’re looking to provide a source of income for someone (e.g., a spouse, parent, or child) after you die. Buying the policy was the first step. Now you\’ll need to do a little more work to ensure that the money […]

Finding the Best Term Life Insurance Today!

In the old days, when you were looking for a term life insurance, the only way to purchase one was through an insurance broker or insurance agent. Okay, so the old days were really only about 15 years ago, but so much has changed in that time! For one thing, term life insurance policies are […]

Life Insurance You Can Actually Afford!

You\’ve decided to purchase life insurance. Well then, you\’ve made a fantastic decision for your family and those you care for. Knowing that you\’ve provided for them after you\’re gone is a priceless feeling. However, buying life insurance shouldn\’t break your budget. Make note of the following options which can help you save both time […]