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Pet Insurance

Whether you want to protect yourself from the financial loss that could result from the death of your prize-winning racehorse, or you simply want to make your golden retriever\’s veterinary bills more affordable, you may want to look into purchasing some form of pet insurance. For the most part, pet insurance refers to two types […]

Purchasing Term Life to Social Security

There are many ways to view the uses of term life insurance. Some of the calculation is determined by the age of the insured. One common use for older individuals is to insure either the applicant and/or the beneficiary until they reach Social Security. Let\’s take a closer look at purchasing term life until Social […]

Term Life Review N – What are the benefits?

Term Life No consideration seems quite interesting, is not it? I mean the ability, life insurance without a physical exam, almost too good to be true seems to arrive. Would really like to know how to see one of my health insurance or if you do not smoke, or be subjected to an investigation, right? […]

The Causes of Underinsuring Life Insurance

The dangers of underinsuring life insurance needs is just a lesser version of having no life insurance at all. We have already spoken about the issue of over-insuring (which you won\’t find from many life insurance agents) but the opposite is equally pressing. It\’s important not to let short term cost considerations jeopardize your families\’ […]

How Are Life Insurance Agents Paid?

After going through the questions and answers surrounding which life insurance plan to quote and purchase, many clients inevitably get to the question, \”And how are you paid\”. It\’s sometimes delivered sheepishly or with a hint of suspicion but we feel it\’s important to give you the full detail. We really do want this to […]

Understanding Life Insurance Modal Factors

If you look through a term life brochure, you\’re likely to see the term modal factor. It\’s one of those life insurance terms that is perplexing and sounds like it comes from a science fiction movie. It\’s important to understand the term however since it can affect how much you pay for life insurance. Let\’s […]