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Who must opt for term life insurance policy?

When you have people whose lives depend on your income, it is nice to have a way to ensure their security even when you are no longer around. This is what life insurance policies do. Quite naturally, life insurance policies are available in different types and it is recommended that in order to enjoy maximum […]

This insurance is best for you, life or term life?

We all have to meet face to the reality that we face death one day. Many of us do not believe that at this point of view on a daily basis. If we take care of our family after they left, we must take measures to ensure that our finances are stable in the case […]

How Long Does Life Insurance Underwriting Take?

When most people think of how long the life insurance underwriting process takes, they probably picture some poor guy behind a desks with stacks of files and life insurance applications collecting dust behind him. This probably wasn\’t too far from the truth a few years back but the industry is making real strides to speed […]

Viatical Settlements and Life Insurance

Most people on the street have no idea what a viatical settlement is and in our opinion, hopefully they never will. Somewhere between CDO\’s and reverse mortgages, the sophisticated financial world of viatical settlements and life insurance exist. Let\’s take a look at what they are and how they work. The first thing to understand […]

Affordable Term Life Insurance – Do Your Homework

The market for term life insurance is a good thing that the people think is important. The amount of life insurance, each person needs depends on your situation. There is no fixed amount that applies to everyone. So, for example, a parent or a landlord, no doubt more than one person is good with less. […]

What Do You Want; Just Death Benefit At Cheap Life Insurance Rates Or Something More?

Most frequently asked question to the life insurance agent is; should I buy term life insurance or should I buy permanent life insurance. Most life insurance agents will never give you the answer to this question right away because there is a lot of analysis to be done before they recommend the right kind of […]