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Why Get a Term Life Insurance Policy?

Life insurance is an important part of any family\’s sense of security, and not having it in case of an accident can leave your entire family more devastated than they would have been if you had been covered. Depending on age, financial stability, and health a term life insurance policy may be the choice for […]

Features and Advantages of Whole Life Insurance

Analysts in the insurance industry state that whole life insurance is the best way to meet the permanent needs of a person. This type of policy gives maximum coverage by building \”cash value\” as long as the policy holder is paying the premiums on time. Although this policy is expensive compared to term life insurance, […]

International Term Life Insurance vs. Cash Value Insurance

Domestic and/or International Term Life vs. Cash Value Insurance Policies There are two forms of life insurance policies available. The first is Domestic/International Term Life insurance, which is the most basic form of insurance. It offers insurance death benefit coverage and that\’s it. With a term policy, your premiums are applied 100% to the cost […]

Designating a Beneficiary for Life Insurance

A beneficiary is the person or entity you name (i.e., designate) to receive the death benefits of a life insurance policy. Some states require that your beneficiary have an insurable interest in your life or be related to you (at least at the time the contract is initiated), while others have no such restriction. If […]

Survivorship Life Insurance

Mrs. and Mr. X own a significant estate that they plan to leave behind as a legacy to their children. As part of their estate planning process, their financial advisor recommends they purchase survivorship life insurance. Mrs. and Mr. Y have a son with special needs. They are worried about his financial security after they […]

Life Insurance – An Important Part of Your Business Succession Plan

No matter how certain the future seems, there is always a need for a business succession plan. It\’s all too easy to give planning a miss when things are going well. But what happens when an unforeseen illness, a natural disaster, a premature death, or the sudden retirement of top management turns all your progress […]