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Survivorship Life Insurance

Mrs. and Mr. X own a significant estate that they plan to leave behind as a legacy to their children. As part of their estate planning process, their financial advisor recommends they purchase survivorship life insurance. Mrs. and Mr. Y have a son with special needs. They are worried about his financial security after they […]

Life Insurance – An Important Part of Your Business Succession Plan

No matter how certain the future seems, there is always a need for a business succession plan. It\’s all too easy to give planning a miss when things are going well. But what happens when an unforeseen illness, a natural disaster, a premature death, or the sudden retirement of top management turns all your progress […]

Understand Term Life Insurance Beneficiaries

A key consideration of term life insurance policies is designating the policy beneficiaries. Let\’s first understand what the term means and dig a little deeper into choosing your beneficiaries. It\’s always good to start with the official definition: An individual, institution, trustee or estate which receives, or may become eligible to receive, benefits under a […]

Grab The Very Best Price On Life Insurance By Sharing With Your Wife Or Husband

Life insurance can be obtained in a cheaper price for partners who wish to possess a joint policy. The policy should be for the same payout quantities to be eligible for a this kind of coverage. It will save on the expense on life insurance since the person insurance policies price greater than a joint […]

Pros And Cons Of Survivorship Life Insurance

If you are wealthy and married, then survivorship life insurance is something you should consider. Survivorship life insurance is also referred to as second-to-die life insurance because the death benefits are paid out only after both spouses die. A survivorship policy can either be a term life policy or a permanent one. Survivorship life insurance […]

Children with special needs may encounter financial difficulties without Life Insurance

Special needs children require a lot of care, not just in their younger years, but also as adults, often at the hands of a dedicated caregiver. The monthly expenses of caring for a child with special needs can easily run into hundreds of dollars. Parents are often too overwhelmed with the daily demands of these […]