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Term Insurance Ka Jawaab Nahin

Term Insurance policy is one of the most misunderstood products in India. And it is little surprise that ‘Insurance\’ itself is not understood or appreciated enough in India. To begin with, let\’s restrict ourselves to term insurance for the moment. For a typical investor buying an insurance policy primarily for the sake of tax benefit, […]

Cautionary Tales on Terminating Your Life Insurance Policy

There is no denying the importance of life insurance. As an integral part of your financial plan, life insurance can protect you and your dependents in the case of loss of income due to death. For a young couple, insurance is especially important as they have years of expenses ahead of them. From mortgage payments […]

Converting A Term Life Insurance Policy To A Permanent One

Term life insurance is a very affordable way to keep your family insured during your early years. Since a young family has a lot of financial obligations, term life insurance very conveniently combines security and affordability for you. However, term policies are not forever, and when the term comes to an end, you will have […]

Save money on life insurance

Generally, life insurance is known as a life assurance. In the event of death, life insurance is a assurance to secure your family by providing a set amount of money in the form of death benefit. On the other side, life insurance is also a means of investment or savings and there are several options […]

Life Insurance Used in Estate Planning

Life insurance is no longer solely used for funeral expenses today. It has evolved through the years to become a product that is used for multiple purposes. These could range from covering burial costs, compensating for a loss of income, as a means to pay off mortgage and other debts, to provide for children’s education, […]

Life Insurance with No Exams

For all those people out there who are healthy and want their insurance faster and with less hassle, a no medical exam life insurance policy has developed as the latest trend in the market today. As long as you do not suffer from any chronic or life-threatening disease such as cancer, AIDS, diabetes or a […]