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Who can be a Life Insurance Beneficiary?

It is fairly obvious that your life insurance policy should name a beneficiary since the sole purpose of a policy is to ensure that your loved ones will be financially supported after your death. Most life insurance policies bequeath their proceedings to their spouse or children, but how this is worded in your life insurance […]

Life Insurance Policy – Self Employeds Profit Policy

Life insurance policy is much popular in India compared to general insurance policy. Majority of the people in India is self employed and according to their profession profit is their main objective. People just look around for things that can earn more and more profit to them. Life insurance is a life cover or protection […]

What is this Term Insurance all about? Let's talk

People often use the expression term insurance and think that they are talking about something other than life insurance. Well gang, term insurance is another form of life insurance. Let me get into a little more explanation and see if I can clarify some things for you. Life Insurance in its original design covered a […]

Types of Life Insurance Policies in India

There are five basic types of life insurance policies available in India to meet your individual needs. Term Life Insurance – Term life insurance policy is the most basic type of life insurance available and is also probably the cheapest if bought early on in life. A typical term life cover provides your nominee(s) a […]

How much life cover should you buy?

Now days, many peoples are buying the life insurance policy but reason can be a different. Some people buys as a pure life cover and some buys as a investment purposes. But, it\’s not up to this, it may be a useful in the future for many reasons and that you must realize. In short, […]

Comparing Insurance is a Good Idea

Some years back if you wanted to buy an insurance policy the only way you could get information was through an LIC agent , but with the opening of the insurance sector now you have more than 16 life insurance companies each one of them offering multiple options for your insurance need. Each life insurance […]