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Funeral Insurance- Do I Need It?

Funerals! We all heard of them, although no one likes to talk about them. Let\’s face it; we are only here for a short stay. We must prepare for what lies ahead Funeral pre-planning is something everyone ahould consider doing. By having a plan in place, can lessen the burden on loved ones. A burial […]

Is Life Insurance Premium Financing A Smart Move For You?

Although people may understand the need for life insurance, sometimes it can be a burden to pay the monthly premium. This is particularly true for senior life insurance as retirees are often living on fixed incomes and have limited ability to pay their expenses. Premium financing options are available to allow people to keep up […]

Seniors Life Insurance

Seniors life insurance is presently a changing market. Some top life insurance companies are doing their best to incorporate new medical and health knowledge into their underwriting practices so that they can get better premiums on seniors life insurance for senior citizens. There are some things that are now being taken more lightly about senior […]

Senior Life Insurance With No Medical Exam

Term life insurance policies are very popular these days, and of course, they can provide very valuable protection at a low cost for many people. However, the problem with term life insurance is that it expires just when the covered person would find it harder to find protection, after ten or twenty or thirty years, […]

Life Insurance for Seniors

The number of senior citizen has been increasing in most part of the world, and according to research this has caused term life insurance prices fell by approximately 30 to 35% for the past ten years. Due to this increasing number of senior citizen the life insurance companies are drafting more products to meet the […]

No Exam Life Insurance for Seniors

So, you are 65 or older and need life insurance? First thing first, where should you look? In this modern world of vast internet information, we recommend you start, well… with the internet. It is amazing how much information seniors can gather on life insurance without having to even talk to anyone and just browse. […]