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Why You Need car Insurance?

Copyright (c) 2009 Graham McKenzieThe second largest purchase that most people will make in their life time is their car, with the largest being their house. The main difference is that statistics show that whilst people might change their house two or three times in their lifetime, they will change their car at least ten […]

Exchanging the Senior's Insurance Policy for Cash with Life Settlements

Life settlements can be a viable option for seniors willing to exchange their life insurance policy for immediate cash. A life settlement is the sale of an existing life insurance policy for a lump sum of money. It allows policyholders to access the fair market value of their life insurance by selling their policies and […]

Manage Your Money And Your Life

Money alone may not bring happiness, but if you\’re honest with yourself, you have to acknowledge that important values such as freedom, independence and security can be bought in large part with money. Money does not make right happy, but it creates the environment can prosper in happiness. If you pursue a normal career, you […]

A Closer Look at Trust Funds

A Trust is perhaps the best channel to keep your money and other assets safe and secure for your future generations. It is a lawful creation that isolates your money for specific reasons. A trust is beneficial even when the grantor is alive and after his death. A grantor, settler or donor is the person […]

Which Life Insurance Should I Get? Term Versus Universal

Deciding on the wrong life insurance plan might leave a family without financial resources at the worst possible time. Choosing between term and universal life insurance plans can be confusing. Only with some research and planning can a responsible choice be made. Do You Even Need Life Insurance? Before deciding between term and universal coverage, […]

Do You Find Insurance Confusing? Here's an Essential Guide Just For You

Insurance can at times be somewhat of a minefield for many people; with so many different products available, choosing the right one and making sure that we are properly covered can be a challenge. Although this may be the case, it is also an essential part of our everyday living. Buildings Insurance Your home is […]