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Life Insurance Policies- Life Insurance is Not Only for Older, Married Individuals

Utilizing the benefits of a life insurance policy can help you to make sure your loved ones are financially secure should something happen to you. Many people hate to have to think of life insurance. It is not an exciting topic and most think they have plenty of time to ensure the future of their […]

Information To Have Ready For Term Life Application

So you have decided on a term life plan and rate that works for you. You want to go ahead and apply for your particular plan. What information should have ready before starting? This is an important consideration especially in light of our expedited application process. To take full advantage of our call-in process and […]

What You Need To Know About Taking A Loan Against Your Permanent Life Insurance Policy

Every type of coverage has its own unique set of advantages and disadvantages. One of the main benefits of universal life insurance is the ability to withdraw money from your insurance account without paying interest on it. A Look At Universal Life Insurance Universal coverage is unique because it offers coverage throughout your lifetime but […]

How marriage affects your insurance coverage

By Michelle Matlock, Life Quotes, Inc. You\’ve finished opening your wedding gifts and have one blender too many, the caterer has been paid and you\’re still recovering from the weeklong honeymoon in the Caribbean, now what? You might want to take a look at your life insurance coverage. Term life versus whole life Things change […]

Divorce insurance could be coming soon

Life Quotes, Inc. Insurance policies help keep people on a sound financial footing when all sorts of catastrophes strike – floods, death of a spouse, even job loss. One insurance maverick wants to add another catastrophe to the list—divorce. \”Divorce creates a financial burden on both spouses and families, especially women, many of whom find […]

Insurance Probabilities

Economically Feasible Cost To be insurable, the chance of loss must be small. The cost of an insurance policy consists of the pure premium, or amount actually needed to make loss payments, and the expense portion. If the chance of loss approaches 100%, the cost of the policy will exceed the amount that the insurance […]