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Insurance Probabilities

Economically Feasible Cost To be insurable, the chance of loss must be small. The cost of an insurance policy consists of the pure premium, or amount actually needed to make loss payments, and the expense portion. If the chance of loss approaches 100%, the cost of the policy will exceed the amount that the insurance […]

How Long Does Life Insurance Underwriting Take?

When most people think of how long the life insurance underwriting process takes, they probably picture some poor guy behind a desks with stacks of files and life insurance applications collecting dust behind him. This probably wasn\’t too far from the truth a few years back but the industry is making real strides to speed […]

How you're rated by insurance companies

By Carrie Napoleon, Life Quotes, Inc. Credit reports and driving records are two tools used by insurance companies to determine how a consumer is rated when it comes to qualifying for life insurance. The good news is that a poor credit score and a history of moving violations will not necessarily preclude an individual from […]

How Are Life Insurance Agents Paid?

After going through the questions and answers surrounding which life insurance plan to quote and purchase, many clients inevitably get to the question, \”And how are you paid\”. It\’s sometimes delivered sheepishly or with a hint of suspicion but we feel it\’s important to give you the full detail. We really do want this to […]

Term Insurance – Over 50 Life Insurance

Do people over 50 want a life insurance policy? I noted some figures on how people over 65 are covered today. Americans over 65 kept around four percent of life insurance by dollar amount, but that group of older people has 3/4 of the deaths. So why would an age group who is most likely […]

Term Life Insurance Works in Tough Times

We\’re in one of the steepest recessions of the last 50 years. Families are making tough decision on what to trim from their budgets and life insurance eventually comes up on the radar. People start to look at the premium they pay for health, life insurance, etc. The whole point of life insurance is that […]