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Life Insurance – Preparing for the New Year

With all the excitement of the holiday season almost upon us, many will be looking forward to unwrapping presents, feasting on turkey dinners and enjoying time with the family. However, for many of us there will no doubt be financial aftermaths to the holiday season. With credit card bills to pay and insurance policies to […]

Life Insurance: When Death is Not Reported

The danger of a having a lapsed life insurance plan without receiving any benefits can be possible if the death of the policyholder is not reported to the insurer. Sometimes, there are cases when the policyholder failed to inform his or her beneficiaries or anyone about the insurance plan that he or she purchased. In […]

Converting A Term Life Insurance Policy To A Permanent One

Term life insurance is a very affordable way to keep your family insured during your early years. Since a young family has a lot of financial obligations, term life insurance very conveniently combines security and affordability for you. However, term policies are not forever, and when the term comes to an end, you will have […]

Comparing Life Insurance Policies

Like anyone else, you want a life insurance policy that meets your needs and budget. But how do you find the right policy when there are so many to choose from and many of them seem so similar? The key is knowing how to compare policies and evaluate the results. Know what you want–and compare […]

Life Insurance – What to Look for

As we know, nothing in this world is truly certain, and it’s the unexpected events that can take their toll on individuals and their families. Ensuring that those closest to you will be financially stable should something unexpected happen can be a necessary decision for many. Having a safety net in place can give peace […]

Reading and Understanding Your Life Insurance Policy

Most people hate the thought of reading a life insurance policy (or any insurance policy, for that matter). However, if you can find the time and muster the patience, it\’s probably a good idea to read through your policy. If you do, you\’ll understand your policy better and gain an understanding of your rights and […]