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Primerica Life Insurance Policy: Making Money With Network Marketing

Aside from buying your very own Primerica Life Insurance Policy, did you know that you can make money with this company? The current sales network of Primerica consists of more than 100,000 independent representatives. These people are responsible for selling the different products of the company such as long-term care insurance, term life insurance, and […]

Life Settlements Redefine the Potential of Life Insurance Policies

In the late 1980s, the AIDs epidemic gave birth to the viatical market, in which a terminally ill patient would sell their life insurance policy to a viatical firm for more than the cash surrender value. As AIDS patients began living longer, this practice eventually evolved into the Life Settlement industry. Today retirement age citizens […]

A Life Insurance Policy – What Is A Life Insurance Policy Really?

What in fact is a life insurance policy? What is all the hoopla really about? One writer put it this way. \”A life insurance policy is just a drop of ink on a piece of paper.\” There is nothing very significant about that. The important thing to focus on is what this kind of policy […]

Life Insurance Policies You Should Never Buy

1.  Mortgage Insurance When you purchase a house, insurance companies will try to sell you mortgage insurance. Do not buy a separate policy to cover your mortgage. Simply determine the amount of insurance (if any) that you need to protect your dependents, buy a cheap term life insurance policy and make your spouse the beneficiary. 2. […]

Life Insurance Broker, Your Guide To The Most Appropriate Life Insurance Policy

Nobody knows what will happen in Future. Everyone knows that future is uncertain. With uncertainty, comes risk. With risk, there comes a requirement of Insurance. Insurance can be taken for various things like cars, two wheelers, property etc. Life of a human being is also uncertain. Nobody knows which unfortunate events might be waiting for […]

What Happens To Your Life Insurance Policy In A Divorce?

It is almost inevitable that divorce will focus on monetary assets. Everything from a home to earnings can become subject to scrutiny. Yet surprisingly few people realize that a life insurance policy – and the potentially large benefits it can pay – can be a significant element of divorce proceedings. There are a number of […]