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Who can be a Life Insurance Beneficiary?

It is fairly obvious that your life insurance policy should name a beneficiary since the sole purpose of a policy is to ensure that your loved ones will be financially supported after your death. Most life insurance policies bequeath their proceedings to their spouse or children, but how this is worded in your life insurance […]

The Underestimated Value of Insurance

Insurance as an issue in business-the worth of insurance is typically greatly underestimated. This is partially the consequence of assuming a very tapered view of the insurance industry for, in assessing the value of any commerce enterprise, we must mull over not only the basic and obvious benefits which are the outcome from its behavior […]

Summer Life Insurance Checkup

Summer is here, and it\’s the perfect time for family vacations, barbeques and outdoor activities. All that fun in the sun makes you realize how much your family means to you, and how precious your time together is. Summer comes bang in the middle of the year making it an ideal time for a life […]

Should you Buy Term Life Insurance and Invest the rest?

The pros and cons of Permanent and Term Life Insurance have been debated extensively. Term life insurance premiums are cheaper, but have no cash value attached. On the other hand permanent life insurance premiums are higher because the insurance company invests a part of the premiums so that beneficiaries receive a cash value when the […]

Foreign Travel and the Cost of Life Insurance

When you think of applying for a life insurance policy, you are aware that there are several factors to take into consideration when deciding on your coverage amount. You need to calculate the costs of your funeral expenses, the amount of debt you need to pay off, and how much you would need to take […]

Single Parents and Life Insurance

There are a growing number of single parent households in the United States today with their own set of needs and issues to deal with. As a single parent, you end up shouldering all the responsibilities on your own. There is no one else to help keep the household going and to look after your […]