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Life Insurance policy and tax benefits

With all the credit instruments on the downhill, ‘Insurance’ has emerged as the favourite investment option today! And going by the content of the insurance advertisements that are constantly bombarded from our TV, everyone needs insurance!! Then there is the tax factor too!! Of all the insurance types, what comes to our mind first is […]

Do You Need A Life Insurance Policy?

One question that\’s asked by nearly everyone eventually is \”should I get a life insurance policy?\”. Life insurance pays out a benefit when the person insured dies during the time that the policy is in force. It can provide the cash needed to pay for burial, pay off mortgages and loans and give your family […]

Learn About Protecting Yourself And Your Spouse With A Joint Life Insurance Policy

First, let\’s talk about Joint Life Insurance. Joint life is a single policy that insures two or more lives. It can be a term insurance contract or a whole life insurance contract. The premiums (amount paid for coverage) for this type of policy are typically less expensive than if two separate policies were purchased and […]

Life Insurance Policy Choices For Children – Whole Vs Term Life

Any time you shop for life insurance, the first thing you should think about is whether you want term or whole insurance. This question is even more important if you\’re buying the policy to cover a child rather than an adult. Term life insurance is only temporary coverage. Parents sometimes purchase a term policy for […]

Why Should You Take A Life Insurance Policy

Why Life Insurance? Any individual on whose income someone is dependant should take a life insurance to guarantee financial security of the dependant in case of untimely death or terminal illness of the earner. This is the key intention of a Life Insurance Policy. However, life insurance policies offer a plethora of choices securing not […]

Life Insurance: Policy to secure the future of your loved ones

When you have loved ones and when you want to secure their future in your absence, life insurance is the best option. With life insurance you can save for the future of your loved ones now. If you are really thinking about investing in life insurance \’now\’ is always the best time. The earlier you […]