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Why Get a Term Life Insurance Policy?

Life insurance is an important part of any family\’s sense of security, and not having it in case of an accident can leave your entire family more devastated than they would have been if you had been covered. Depending on age, financial stability, and health a term life insurance policy may be the choice for […]

Life Insurance for Over 50s

Life insurance for over 50s is becoming more and more affordable these days. Unlike before that life insurance used to be more expensive for older people, now it is cheaper and more affordable. One reason for this is that the life insurance market is more competitive and various companies are trying to win the attention […]

Get a Pocket-perfect Life Insurance

OUTsurance gained a reputation for car, household and business insurance that\’s good value for money – we have now extended our excellent service into the life insurance market. After 12 successful years and thousands of happy clients, the company recently added comprehensive life insurance to its range of insurance products. \”We\’re known for the outstanding […]

Solving Inheritance Tax Issues by Using Life Insurance

Originally devised as a tax on the super-rich, inheritance tax (IHT) is threatening more and more ordinary households in the UK. Indeed, over the last five years the estimated revenue from this tax has increased by 50% to annually yield £3billion into the HM Revenue & Customs coffers. It seems that in the future death […]

Single Premium Life Insurance Policy

Single premium life insurance is a type of life insurance coverage where the policyholder pays the premium at the beginning of the policy term and no additional premium is required to pay during the policy term. The main feature of the single premium life insurance policy is that the policy acquires its cash value faster […]

Ways to Use Life Insurance in Your Estate Planning

Life insurance can help you provide the extra cash that protects your estate from being gouged by estate taxes. This article shows you a couple of ways it can do this. *Get cash for settling estate costs and preserving your holdings intact: At your death, estate taxes are imposed on the value of what you […]