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Insuring That Piece Of Art?

The Indian art scene has seen a burst of new artists over the last few years and even when the market crashed as in the great mini-depression of 2009, the art market remained stable. Study has shown that art holds demand in the market during an economic boom as well as a slowdown. Investing in […]

Different Life Insurance Policies

With the most modern facilities, all insurance companies have offered their services through online websites. Thanks to internets and techno savvy great people, Getting life insurance quotes are made very easy now. You do not have to run around here and there locating insurance agents or facilitators to find out the best deal regarding the […]

Business Life Insurance Part 11 -corporations Shareholders – Understanding How Corporations are Financed

Generally, financing of corporation is accomplished through a new share issue (equity financing) or the issue of various types of bonds or debentures. 1. Bond financingBonds are contractual agreements for a borrowing money secured by a pledge of assets:a. First Mortgage Bonds: secured by assets such as buildings, land and machinery.b. Second Mortgage Bonds: security […]

Tax Tips: Homeowners Insurance

The purpose of home insurance is obvious. The tax rules surrounding home insurance, though, aren\’t always so clear. For example, if your insurance won\’t cover you for a given loss, are you simply left holding the bag, or can you expect some tax relief? And what about premiums–can you deduct them or not? Here are […]

Term Insurance Ka Jawaab Nahin

Term Insurance policy is one of the most misunderstood products in India. And it is little surprise that ‘Insurance\’ itself is not understood or appreciated enough in India. To begin with, let\’s restrict ourselves to term insurance for the moment. For a typical investor buying an insurance policy primarily for the sake of tax benefit, […]

Life Insurance Policies

Many types of insurance policies are out there for you to pick up the required one. All insurance policies help you to cover emergency big expenses with low payments or will assure an insurance cover for the family in case of an eventuality of accident or death. All these policies are great ideas helping millions […]