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Business Life Insurance Part 11 -corporations Shareholders – Understanding How Corporations are Financed

Generally, financing of corporation is accomplished through a new share issue (equity financing) or the issue of various types of bonds or debentures. 1. Bond financingBonds are contractual agreements for a borrowing money secured by a pledge of assets:a. First Mortgage Bonds: secured by assets such as buildings, land and machinery.b. Second Mortgage Bonds: security […]

LIC – Life Insurance Corporation of India

Life insurance is very important to everyone. Knowing the fact that we do not how long we are going to live. We should make sure that whatever happens there is something you can leave with your family. This is what Life Insurance Corporation of India want to impose. Being wise with the future is what […]

Discount Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is an necessity, but why pay more for it than you have to? Take advantage of every possible discount on auto insurance that you can. Many people choose to pay auto insurance on a monthly basis. However, the premium is calculated on a six month or annual basis. If you look at your […]

Life Insurance 18 – Tax Exempt Vs Non Exempt Universal Life Insurance Policies

As we mentioned in previous articles, UL plans are unbundled, the various components of the plan such as insurance charges and earned interest can each be isolated and quantified. Consequently, they are much easier to understand and explain than traditional bundle permanent life insurance products. In this article, we will discuss tax exempt vs non […]

Insurance Company FAQ

Aetna condition insurance company review?Aetna is a very strong health insurance company. Aetna have strong financial strength ratings and offers health insurance products within all 50 states (although they do not offer adjectives types of products in each state). Aetna\’s strength insurance plans are typically all comprehensive coverage major medical strength insurance plans which is […]

Insurance Company Questions & Answers

More Insurance Company quesions please visit : Am I going to acquire harried by insurance company?2 months ago, when I renewed my insurance policy, the premiums went down a bit so i decided to obtain some added coverage… rent-a-car plus windshield. Well, this morning, my windshield got cracked on the way to work. I […]