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First Step on the Insurance Ladder

The recently over 60\’s are the post-war baby boomers. Their insurance needs are very different from that of a young family or someone just starting out in their first job. A typical 60 something couple will have raised their family, finished paying off their mortgage and are into or nearing retirement. More and more of […]

Life Insurance – The Sooner the Better

A pension scheme is important to the individual, and most people are aware that if they have no other cover it is essential to initiate a scheme in preparation for later life. Really it has a close relative in life insurance, although the pension is tied in to receiving a repeating payout if you survive […]

Insurance: The Common Insurance Points

Most people will be familiar with insurance in some form or another. We all have taken out home insurance, car insurance or credit insurance among others. Insurance contracts are long and complex documents with a lot of small print. Sometimes even a lawyer would get lost in the complexities involved in them. However, there are […]

Aon Corp the insurance broker

Aon one of the world\’s largest insurance brokers. Aon (the head office of the company is located in Chicago (the USA)) is one of the largest international service providers in areaManagements of risks, broker support in sphere of insurance and reinsurance, consultation concerning system of motivation and privileges for the personnel. Aon aspires to develop […]

Life Insurance – Preparing for the New Year

With all the excitement of the holiday season almost upon us, many will be looking forward to unwrapping presents, feasting on turkey dinners and enjoying time with the family. However, for many of us there will no doubt be financial aftermaths to the holiday season. With credit card bills to pay and insurance policies to […]

Insurance and running a business

Almost everyone understands the idea of insurance. You pay a premium. If one of the specified events occurs, you or your dependents are able to claim. The hope is the money will help people recover from the event. Depending on the type of insurance, this may be repairing the vehicle, rebuilding the home, getting treatment […]