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Get a Pocket-perfect Life Insurance

OUTsurance gained a reputation for car, household and business insurance that\’s good value for money – we have now extended our excellent service into the life insurance market. After 12 successful years and thousands of happy clients, the company recently added comprehensive life insurance to its range of insurance products. \”We\’re known for the outstanding […]

Insurance Companies Oppose International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)

Canadian life insurance companies are persuading the Canadian government and regulatory bodies to move the accounting principles and reporting requirements in their favour. In summary, the industry would like an amendment of International Financial Reporting Standards which Canadian government is prepared to put in use but plans to effect not before 2013. They argue that […]

Do Not Find Yourself Without Insurance When It Is Too Late

Insurance is normally a topic that gets ignored, or brushed under the rug. People do not talk about their life insurance policies in passing conversation, nor do they enquire after the state of another\’s policy. Unfortunately, insurance is something that should be a staple financial necessity, yet it is a real fact that only a […]

Life Insurance If You Are Gay

You are probably going to need life assurance if you want to insure your health or your income should you become ill and unable to work- something which is especially important for single people or people with dependents, including a same-sex partner. There are also instances, like buying a house, when life insurance may be […]

What is the Best Life Insurance Policy You Can Buy?

Life insurance is normally an expensive financial commitment, but it is necessary to cover your life. You are buying more peace of mind for you and your family should something bad happen to you. This article tries to sort through the information and find the best life insurance policy to buy. The normal life insurance […]

Useful Information About Home Insurance

Though most states do not require you to purchase home insurance, it is wise to purchase it so that you won\’t suffer from serious financial loss in the event of an accident. If your home is mortgaged, the lender will require you to purchase home insurance as a form of coverage. Home insurance typically offer […]