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Title Insurance

Title Insurance Title insurance is insurance that covers loss of an interest in a property due to legal defects and that is required if the property has a mortgage. This is basically an insurance which protects the buyer or lender against defects in the title deed of a property, which can cause the owner or lender financial loss. However […]

Do Older People Need Life Insurance Policies?

Have you outgrown your need for a life insurance policy after your old term life policy expired? Did you have group life at work, but that ended because you retired or changed jobs?Many of us purchased term when we were younger. Or we signed up for a group life insurance plan at work. We were […]

What Insurance Do You Need to Protct Your Family? – Part 2

Andrew Merricks, head of investments at Brighton-based financial adviser Skerritt Consultants, warns that it is very short-sighted of people not to have Life Assurance and/or Critical Illness Insurance as he insists that life has two main risks – either living too long and dying too soon. \”It\’s absolutely crucial to have some cover in place […]

Critical Illness Insurance. Do you really need it, or is it a waste of time?

GREAT NEWS! There\’s now a one in five chance of you winning the lottery before you retire. Getting excited? Think it\’s just a matter of time before you win? Think again, it\’s not going to happen – but it got you thinking!Now think of the same odds but this time about bad news. There is […]

Insurance Ce – The Beneficiary Of An Annuity

To use an analogy, in a life insurance policy, the beneficiary has no \”status\” until the death of the named insured. In an annuity, the beneficiary has no \”status\” until the death of the annuitant. Similarly, the beneficiary of an annuity has no control of the policy and has no say in the management of […]

3 Keys To Reducing Medical Insurance Premiums

Reduce Your Health Risks Look At Many Options Compare Prices And Benefits You must not be in in a risk category if you want to get the best price.  healthcare insurers will ask about your health history before offering you a medical insurance policy.  If you don\’t meet the insurance carrier\’s underwriting criteria you may […]