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Most Common Variables Considered When Calculating Travel Insurance Rates

Travel insurance is a form of limited or special situation insurance that covers loss arising from a specific event. This could be flying in an airplane or riding in a train. The policies are based on the behavior of a group of individuals engaged in an activity and the likelihood that a loss will occur. […]

How marriage affects your insurance coverage

By Michelle Matlock, Life Quotes, Inc. You\’ve finished opening your wedding gifts and have one blender too many, the caterer has been paid and you\’re still recovering from the weeklong honeymoon in the Caribbean, now what? You might want to take a look at your life insurance coverage. Term life versus whole life Things change […]

How To Choose The Right Life Insurance Policies

What does life insurnce mean to you? For some it means security, knowing that their family or business is safe should they unexpectedly pass away. For others it conjures up images of pushy salesmen and confusion about what they are buying. By learning about the different life insurance policies available you can make an informed […]

Significance of Co-insurance

Co-insurance is all about segregating the worth of medical care amongst the insured & the carrier. Once the insured\’s yearly deductible is met then only the co-insurance is paid. Co-insurance is generally paid on a 80-20 basis. This signifies that 80% of the medical costs are to be met by the carrier, while the rest […]

Divorce insurance could be coming soon

Life Quotes, Inc. Insurance policies help keep people on a sound financial footing when all sorts of catastrophes strike – floods, death of a spouse, even job loss. One insurance maverick wants to add another catastrophe to the list—divorce. \”Divorce creates a financial burden on both spouses and families, especially women, many of whom find […]