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Applying For Insurance Online

Were you aware that you could apply for insurance right over the Internet? Believe it or not but it is true. Basically every type of coverage you might ever need may be applied for right over the web and a secure server. This seems insane to many older people, but the Internet really is changing […]

Choosing A Life Insurance Policy

When it comes to buying your life insurance, you can\’t be too careful. There are so many important reasons why you need life insurance. After you\’re gone, you can\’t go back and choose the right life insurance policy if you make a mistake today. That\’s why it is so important to carefully select the right […]

Solving Inheritance Tax Issues by Using Life Insurance

Originally devised as a tax on the super-rich, inheritance tax (IHT) is threatening more and more ordinary households in the UK. Indeed, over the last five years the estimated revenue from this tax has increased by 50% to annually yield £3billion into the HM Revenue & Customs coffers. It seems that in the future death […]

Single Life Insurance Offers Better Value for Couples

Many in the UK life insurance industry believe that too many couples are opting for joint life assurance or insurance when they would be better off taking out two single-life policies. Indeed, independent company Lifesearch has gone so far as to suggest that many IFAs could be in breach of TCF (Treating Customers Fairly) guidelines […]

Single Parents: Protect Your Estate w/ Life Insurance

Sometimes our kids are the only things keeping us together, but what keeps them together when we\’re not around?  Nearly all American households recognize a need for life insurance, but one consideration which many fail to think of is estate protection, that is, keeping your children\’s inheritance intact.  Really, estate protection is of little consequence […]

Calculating Life Expectancy

Do you know how long you will live, are there some things you can do to increase your life expectancy? Obviously we cannot predict life expectancy. Although it is impossible to predict how long any one person will actually live. But for years the actuaries and statisticians have been tracking average life expectancy of the […]