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Term Insurance – Over 50 Life Insurance

Do people over 50 want a life insurance policy? I noted some figures on how people over 65 are covered today. Americans over 65 kept around four percent of life insurance by dollar amount, but that group of older people has 3/4 of the deaths. So why would an age group who is most likely […]

Term Life Insurance for Hazardous Occupations

Those who choose to really live life on the edge need to make sure they have adequate life insurance coverage as the risk for losing their lives goes up dramatically. One of the biggest aspects that underwriter\’s evaluate when choosing to grant coverage is an individual\’s career choice and their overall choice of regular hobbies. […]

What Factors Determine Term Life Insurance Rates

Term life insurance policies provide a limited coverage period, which is determined by the policy owner. Term life insurance rates are actually the cheapest form of life insurance, but there are different rates for different people. This is because once the term of the policy is up you don\’t receive any payout from the policy. […]

Is 30 Year Term Life Insurance Worth The Commitment?

Your options are endless with life insurance. You can choose between whole life and term life with most insurance companies offering increments of 10, 20, and 30. If you are considering long term coverage then you might want to take closer look at 30 year term life insurance. Term life insurance is the simplest and […]

Whole Life Insurance Quote

If you are looking for a whole life insurance quote, there are special comparison websites that will allow you to not only compare life insurance quotes, but also the various differences in policies and benefits that are offered by many different insurers. This is all done without you actually having to apply for life insurance. […]

Term Vs Whole Life Insurance For Children

Term life insurance is temporary protection. For children, this is typically only purchased to provide a death benefit to the parents or gaurdian to cover the childs burial expenses should an unlikely (and certainly unwanted) death occur. Term life does not build any cash value and has no future benefit to the child later […]