Term Life Insurance, No Physical? Yes it Exists- Here\’s How it Works

Term life insurance no physical? YEAH RIGHT.

I know that’s what you’re thinking, because I used to think the same way.

Why would a life insurance provider be willing to take that risk?

Well the short answer is there are lots of reasons! Probably the simplest is that life insurance companies are constantly running statistics and analyses to determine what kinds of returns they can expect on providing their clients with quality coverage.

Therefore they’ve spent a lot of money researching to determine whether or not they can (on average) still make a hefty profit on clients with a term life insurance no physical policy.

Luckily for us, these big insurance providers have realized that they can still make money if there’s no up front exam! However, they will still take into account several factors when calculating your premium: Here’s just a few they’ll look at:

1) Your age!
2) Whether or not you smoke
3) How much coverage you want

Don’t be discouraged about the age thing. There’s such a thing as senior term life insurance specifically built for those between 50 and 80 years old, with no exams required!

Another thing you may be surprised to hear is that term life insurance no physical policies are often the quickest to process!

Because there is no physical exam required, you can often just purchase the policy over the net and be done with it in just 20 minutes- is that fast or what?

Finding a good term life insurance no physical policy doesn’t have to be scary- I guarantee that if you use tools on the Internet you can find a great policy that fits your needs very well.



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