Save Money on Your Insurance the 21st Century Way

If you are like me, you probably realize that your insurance bills make up a substantial portion of your monthly budget.

Most of us need auto insurance because state laws require it. Beyond the law, we know that it is just too risky to drive without good coverage because we can be liable if we have an accident. We all know that we need an insurer on our side if we are responsible for property damage, or worse yet, physical injuries or death.

If you own a home, you probably need homeowners insurance too. Most lenders will require it, and even if you have no mortgage, you will want to be able to cover your house in case of damage, theft, or injury.

Even if you do not own your home, you will probably have renters insurance to cover you belongings. Your investment in tv sets, computers, music, and clothing probably amounts to several thousand dollars or more. You still need to cover yourself in case of damage, injury, or theft.

Beyond your need for property insurance like auto or home coverage, you may have to carry your own life or health insurance. Some employers may provide a group plan for all employees, but companies are cutting back. Beyond that, many Americans are self-employed, contract workers, or just do not have access to a group insurance plan at work. Those people need to purchase their own individual policies.

So many of us need auto, home, life, and health insurance. Sometimes it seems as if a large portion of our income goes right to an insurane company! However, where you have a problem you also have an opportunity. If you are spending a lot of money, you may be able to find an opportunity to save a lot of money.

That’s where online quotes can help you. The best ones run on secure servers so your privacy is insured. They should also have third party approval, like the better business bureau, so you know that you are dealing with a company that adheres to good business practices.

You know that your own rates will depend upon many factors. Your age, where you live, prior claims history, and even your credit report can affect the premiums you pay. However, insurers calculate these rates according to their own charts, and some insurers offer discounts.

You can enter your information one time in a fairly short quote form. Then you can sit back and get competitive insurance quotes from top insurers who do business in your area. You can find the insurers who are willing to offer you the best deal.

For instance, some insurers may offer you a large discount for combining multiple policies, like auto an home, in one company. Another company may increase your rate for a poor credit score, while another will reward you for a good driving history. You may pay a lot for health insurance because you are overweight, but you may also be paying too much for services you do not need. Another medical plan may be able to offer you a different plan, with coverage you do need, for a lower rate.

It will be easy to compare rates and plans with an online insurance quote form. Many people report saving 40 – 60 percent on their bills, and that can be hundreds of dollars every month!

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