Reap the Benefits of Whole Life Insurance

Frequently, people avoid purchasing whole life insurance because of the higher premiums. For some customers, however, this decision may be a big mistake, particularly if the benefits of whole life insurance are greater than the initial cost of the premiums. Read on to discover whether you might be one of those people who find it beneficial.

Wealthy people benefit from purchasing whole life insurance. This type of policy allows them to fund an insurance trust. This will in turn cover the often significant probate fees and inheritance taxes incurred by the heirs of large estates.

Individuals aged 40 and over who are considering starting a family may also find whole life insurance helpful. This is true even though initial premium costs for whole life policies are significantly more expensive than the costs of term insurance. The cost of these premiums, however, never increases.

Most of the time, whole life insurance policies contain a clause that guarantees that the premium cost will stay the same throughout the life of the policy. This remains true if the person develops chronic health problems, such as heart disease. Even people who become terminally ill will not experience premium increases.

In contrast, term insurance premiums are usually inexpensive when a person is young. The cost of these policies, however, increases sharply as a person gets older. Thus, an older person who decides to purchase term insurance may pay much more money for the same amount of coverage over a lifetime.

Another benefit of purchasing whole life insurance is that the policy offers a source of emergency cash. If you urgently need money to pay for medical bills or even finance a down payment on a house, you can borrow against the policy. If you become desperate, you may even surrender the policy for its current cash value.

Some whole life policies offer better returns than others. Adequately calculating the investment return of a whole life policy can be extremely complicated. Most reputable insurance companies offer the services of an expert actuary who is qualified to advise prospective buyers concerning these details.

Don’t let the initial differences in premiums frighten you away from the purchase of whole life policies. For many people, the benefits of whole life insurance outweigh the costs. Consult a financial planner or an actuary to determine whether or not you fit this category.

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