Life Insurance Toronto | It Pays To Buy A Life Insurance Early In Your Life

Why should one go for a life insurance? If you calculate the monthly premium that you pay in your entire life, you will find that you end up paying almost the same amount to the company that you might get the benefit in return. But still we go for a insurance for a simple reason that no one likes to take a risk when it comes to some one’s life. Life insurance is a security cover that is provided to the person and his near ones in times of untoward happenings. So the earlier you start with a life insurance program the better. And since the monthly premium of life insurance is directly related to a person’s age, it is always better to start as early as possible.

I remember when I was young and healthy and energetic, I never used to bother about anything. I was really arrogant and I used to think that all my decisions are always right. But this is something which is the case with many at this age. I think that is what is called as less maturity level. Experience comes as you grow with age and that increases your maturity level. When I was in early 20’s I started receiving many mails of life insurance promotions. But I never thought about even reading those mails and I used to throw the mails in dustbins. But really after so many years when I have reached to my mid 50’s now, I feel that all those mails which I used to throw in the dustbin were very important. Just like I said that experience gives you maturity, it only means that when you come across such situation when you require a certain thing and you don’t get it or it troubles you getting it, then you come to know the importance of even smallest of things in life. And when we are talking about life insurance, it is big decision that can change you entire life.

Once I was doing some repair in the cellar of the house and I accidentally tripped from the ladder and fell down from a good height and fell unconscious. I was immediately taken to a hospital in an ambulance and then I was provided with the treatment. I was diagnosed with fracture and also I had to be operated on for the same. The entire treatment took one month’s time and I was in the hospital for that much time. When it came to pay the hospital bill, I was in a state of shock. The bill ran into thousands of dollars and it completely changed my life. I had to go in for a mortgage to pay the hospital bill. Now I am paying the monthly payments on the mortgage that I have taken. Now when I look back I can see that life can change so fast and can destroy your future in no time. Had I taken a good life insurance policy well in time, I could have saved myself from such financial mess. Not only I am bearing the monthly payments for the mortgage but I have also risked my family’s financial safety. If I want to go for a term life or a whole life insurance I will have to shell out more money and still have to pay the monthly payments for my mortgage.

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