Guidelines for Saving Money on Home Insurance

Home insurance can be incredibly costly and often times people don’t know what they end up with, they just pay the bill. There are a few things that you can do to make sure that you are getting the discounts that you deserve and that help keep the cost down:

Compare prices – You should never buy the first policy that you come across. Shop around at different places and talk to agents if possible. Doing this will ensure that you get a fair price, and will allow you a chance to see how the agents interact with their customers.

Calculate insurance first -If you look at the cost of insurance before you buy or build a house you can end up saving yourself a lot of money. Sometimes certain homes will come with higher insurance price tags if they have too many stories or are near a lake or ocean.

Raise the deductible – Giving yourself a higher deductible will keep your monthly costs down quite a bit. The one downside to this is you will have to pay a little more out-of-pocket if something were ever to happen to your home. Generally you won’t notice the higher deductible since rarely is there ever a large disaster. You may also need different types of insurance for different disasters as well. This will depend on where you live, but you can always opt out of disasters that are very unlikely in your area.

Only insure your house, not your land – Your home value will include the land that it sits on, so if something were to happen to your home, your land is already covered. Since no one can take your land and it is less susceptible to natural disasters, insuring it is normally a waste of money.

Security systems – Installing almost any kind of security system will allow your rates to drop as well. This would include fire alarms, burglar alarms and carbon monoxide alarms. Each one of these generally comes with some kind of discount from your insurance company.

Ask – Never be afraid to ask for more discounts. Often times there are discounts that you either are eligible for, or could be very easily f you change something minor. These small changes will add up to big savings in the end.

Private vs. Government – Depending on where you live, there may be the option of going with government insurance companies. You can find these by looking for any governments firms in your area and talking to them about particular savings you can get. These firms are normally found in areas with very high risk properties. But still get private quotes to make sure you are getting the best price.

Group insurance coverage- See if you qualify for any of the groups that your company offers. These groups tend to come with savings.

Multi-policy holders – In general you can find decent discounts when you stick with one company for several different types of insurance. This would mean that if you were to get your home insurance through the same company that you have your car and life insurance through, you will be saving money. Plus you will only have to deal with one company if something major were to ever happen.

Built in protection – There are many things that you can do to your home that will actually lower your rates. Most times if you redo or reinforce your roof, or install some other type of protection against certain disasters you can get a discount from the company. Check with your local agents to see if there is anything that you qualify for.

Long-term discounts – You should always check around at other companies coverage even if you have good coverage now. This will help you stay informed about current costs and make sure that your company doesn’t overcharge you. You should also ask occasionally about long-term discounts if you’ve been with your company for a few years.

Review policies annually – Always review your policy before you automatically renew it. You will want to look at any improvements that you’ve made in your home and make sure that they are now covered. You will also want to add any high price items that you’ve added to your home, such as antique furniture or artwork.

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