A Short Guide to Buying Life Insurance

Will your loved ones have a stable source of income after you’re gone? Since you have no control over this situation, how will you really know? For these reasons and many more, a life insurance policy can ease one’s mind on the topic of providing for your dependants after you’re gone.

Life insurance policies come in all shapes and sizes and are offered by more and more financial institutions than just insurance companies. So just how are you supposed to know where to begin?

For starters, you will need to calculate a dollar amount for your life insurance policy. After analyzing the needs of your family, you will want to select an insurer that you feel comfortable with (and even more importantly, one that you trust), for purchasing an item that’s equivalent to at least five years of your annual salary. Different insurance agents will have differing theories and opinions regarding your particular policy and how much it should be worth. But the simple truth is that it’s your money (the five year salary point is a generalized industry guideline). Never buy more insurance than you can afford, taking into consideration the possibility of your company downsizing and such in the future. Your policy won’t do anyone any good if it ends up being cancelled.

Your policy’s primary purpose should be for your untimely death, disability, or illness- to assist your family during discouraging times, to help pay the mortgage, college tuition, and other costly items. This is the part of a life insurance policy that you hope you’ll need to use, for paying for all of these items before you pass away is a huge financial milestone for so many. After this, retirement savings and other perks can come into your goal. But above all, be sure to check the reliability of the insurance provider before signing anything.

On a final note, it’s never a good practice to surrender your life insurance policy. The value of your policy is, again, to protect and assist financially in the untimely event of your passing – it’s not an investment strategy.

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