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Virginia Funeral Insurance – Let Your Loved Ones Say Goodbye Properly

Although it may seem morbid, strange, and unreasonable, more and more people are planning their own funerals. Planning a funeral can be an emotional process for your loved ones. They have to decide how to dress you or if they should cremate or bury you. By planning your own funeral you spare your loved ones […]

Insurance Industry in India, Insurance in India

Insurance industry in India started in 1818 when the first insurance Company was formed. Insurance Industry is regulated by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA). From as early as 1947 to 1972, Insurance industry has gone through tremendous change. With the formation of the regulatory body, passing of the insurance act, and passing of […]

Insurance Companies Oppose International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)

Canadian life insurance companies are persuading the Canadian government and regulatory bodies to move the accounting principles and reporting requirements in their favour. In summary, the industry would like an amendment of International Financial Reporting Standards which Canadian government is prepared to put in use but plans to effect not before 2013. They argue that […]

Do Not Find Yourself Without Insurance When It Is Too Late

Insurance is normally a topic that gets ignored, or brushed under the rug. People do not talk about their life insurance policies in passing conversation, nor do they enquire after the state of another\’s policy. Unfortunately, insurance is something that should be a staple financial necessity, yet it is a real fact that only a […]

Smoking in the Car Can Kill Your Car Insurance Rates: The Fact Behind the Fiction

It\’s astonishing how many old wives tales are still floating around about the \’facts\’ regarding your car insurance rates. For example, did you know that red cars cost more to insure? Collision coverage will cover a head on with a tree? And smoking in the car can kill your chances of getting cheap car insurance? […]

Auto Insurance Quotes

Another way to reduce the rating of your car toward the premium cost is to drive it less. While this can sound impossible – in most communities it is not. Many communities around the country offer \”Park and Ride\” parking lots where you can park and then board a bus that will take you to […]