Term LIfe Insurance – The Right Policy for You?

What sort of people purchase term life policies?

Personally, I have had the experience of discussing the various types of life insurance policies with a lot of people, and I have to say that most of them want to buy term.

These people fall in many categories of age groups, financial status, and family sizes. They may have spoken to a financial advisor, or they may just know that it is cheaper than whole life. Some of them took a lot of time to educate themselves, and some just saw some ads on TV or the internet.

Why do life insurance companies offer cheaper premiums for this type of coverage? As you know, the coverage is temporary. It will end after a period of years, even if it is a few decades. An insurer will certainly require some sort of application process. This can be simple or complex, from a short form to a full medical exam. So an insurer does not expect their insured people to pass away during the term of the policy.

And in fact, they expect some policies to lapse. So even though they will not get the full premiums, they will never have to pay off on them at all. This calculation actually goes into the premiums of any policies you buy.

So this is just insurance, and does not have a savings or investment feature. You may know that permanent policies, like whole or term, do have that feature and that is part of the reason why they cost more. There are other ways to save money though.

Lower premiums also give a person the opportunity to buy more coverage. If a younger family wants to make sure that their mortgage can be paid off, a spouse can be supported, and children can be educated, they will probably need a few hundred thousand dollars worth of face value on a policy. An affordable way to accomplish this is, of course, term life.

Rates are lower too. Since US citizens can expect to live longer than they ever could before, insurers take on less risk. Even if you bought insurance a decade ago, it may be a good idea to evaluate what you can buy today.

You may want to consider your present needs. Lower premiums could mean you could purchase a lower face value for a shorter term, and you could pay a lot less. Or maybe you want to add some coverage because you have a more expensive house or an extra child.

Older people can still find coverage too. It is not impossible for reasonably healthy people in middle age, or even retirement years, to find a policy either. You can still buy life insurance at 50, 60, or even 70 from some top companies.

Many people can even apply online, and they can find no medical exam applications. That means that applicants can just fill out one simple form and get accepted within a few days. More complex underwriting can take weeks.

Every family is different, and there is not one right choice for everybody. But term policies have a lot of advantages.

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