Term Life Insurance – The Solution For Those On A Budget

You are too young to be bothered about things like life insurance plans! You have a full-time job, a family to take care of and very little time to spare for such luxuries! Yes, life insurance policy is a luxury you cannot afford! You know you are not going to die now, you are going to buy one soon, but not right now… may be few years later when you have another increment or you manage to earn more… If such is your attitude, you are in for trouble. First, you will never have any cash to spare. As your income rises, so will your expenses. As for not dying so soon… who can tell? Any body can drop dead any time! What will happen if you do?  Who will look after your loving wife and beautiful children? It is true that nobody can take your place, but the death benefit will see that they have a less harrowing time!We should dwell as much as possible in the present. That does not mean that we should neglect the past and the future. We should learn from past and try to secure our future as much as possible. That is why the ancient Chinese started insuring their goods in 5000 B.C or the Romans formed the burial club in 600 B.C. To day, we have different types of insurance policies that cover the different aspect of our lives. However, we buy life insurance plans to secure the future of our family. The benefits from such plans see that our loved ones do not face any financial difficulties in case we die a premature death. Buy an affordable term life insurance policy if you do not have enough money to buy the more expensive whole life or universal life insurance policies.

There is no denying however, that some of the life insurance rates can easily burn a hole in our already stretched budget. Which is why a lot of young people especially who need to finance themselves are reluctant to take on an insurance policy because they feel they have enough on their plate as it is. Therefore, what we need is a life insurance company that offers reasonable term life insurance quotes that won’t cut through our budget, and yet we are assured of a safe and secure future all the same. It doesn’t matter if the policy is a cheap one, as long as your insurance will cover you and your family members in the event something, such as a death occurs for example. Sometimes it is not the price of the policy that matters, but rather what kind of protection it offers.

Term life insurance is suitable for those who run on a shoestring budget. However, lower rates do not mean less coverage. Term life rates are low because of its very nature. You see, one buys the term life for a certain period, ranging from one to thirty years. Your beneficiaries get the benefit only if you die within the term. If you live on, you do not get any thing. To be truthful, very few people actually die within the term and so the carriers have to pay the claims in very few cases. This allows them make a huge profit that they share with their clients in the guise of lower rates. Because of the low term life insurance quotes, economically weaker section of the population has started buying it as well. This in turn, is increasing the profit percentage and further decreasing the rates. Now let us see, what does an affordable term life insurance really has in its coffer:

1.    Term life insurance policies provide no investment option, only death benefit.

2.    It provides coverage of financial responsibilities such as dependent care, collage education of children, mortgage, consumer loan, funeral costs etc. for the insured.

3.    Term life insurance rates depend on your age, sex, tobacco use, body weight, health, coverage amount, coverage term etc.

4.    Term life insurance is the cheapest means of buying life coverage if you are young and healthy. It is not very suitable if you are on the wrong side of fifty. For such
people, Graded Life Insurance is more appropriate.

5.    You pay your premiums at a lowest rate if you are in Superior Health Risk category. To ascertain this, the carriers expect every policyholder to undergo a medical test. If you miss out, you can still be insured, albeit at a very high rate.

6.    Women live longer than men do and so they have to pay premiums at a lower rate.

7.    Obesity, tobacco use raises the premiums to be paid.

8.    Higher is the coverage term and coverage amount, higher is the term life insurance quote. So calculate them very carefully if you want affordable term life

9.    It is always best to buy the term life insurance for as many years as required. Buy it for a short period if you are covering a consumer debt you expect to repay
fast. Buy it for full thirty years if you want to cover dependent care. You can always drop the plan whenever you wish.

10.    You can renew your coverage if you are still insurable or if you have some compulsory renewable clause included in your first contract.

It is always better to buy the coverage for as many years as think you need it. The rates increase with age, ill health, length of the term, face value etc. Therefore, you actually lose by purchasing the term life for longer than you need. You also lose by purchasing it for a period shorter than necessary because you will have to pay more at the time of renewal. Determine your need first before you buy the term life. Yearly renewable plans have the lowest premium. Buy term life on yearly renewable plan if you are still unsure what plan you really want or if your want is that temporary. Buy it for thirty years at level term if you want full-length coverage. The rates will seem a little higher in the beginning. However, since the rates are level, it will turn out to be cheapest in the end. Compare different term life insurance quotes and you will understand what I mean.

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