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You can easily compare life insurance policy quotes and the differences between each policy. The most important thing to remember is that each company has different policy riders and provisions that dictate the not only what the benefits of the policy are, but how they are paid, when they are paid and what happens if you miss a payment.

I’ll cover where to look to compare life insurance policy details in a moment. First, let me explain one very important and FREE provision that you should look for in a good policy.

It’s called an ”Automatic Loan Provision”.

Let’s say for example, that you’ve got a $200.000.00 whole life insurance policy that you make monthly payments of $29.00 for. A few years into the policy, you become very ill and aren’t able to handle your personal finances. Let’s say that your spouse has no idea that you even make this payment and the payment goes unpaid for three months. What would happen in this situation?

If you don’t have an ”Automatic Loan Provision” built into your policy, your family will not receive the death benefit of your life insurance. Having this provision included, the cash value of your whole life policy will actually be automatically loaned against to pay your monthly premiums, keeping your policy in force. Then, in the event of your death, the amount of money loaned to pay your premiums is deducted from the amount paid to your beneficiaries. It’s a great provision to have included in your policy and best of all, there’s NO┬áCHARGE for this to be included in a policy.

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