Orphaned Life Insurance Clients

It is obvious to any successful life insurance agency that that orphan leads are important and should not be discounted. If someone has purchased a service from you, keeping them happy and current can help both parties involved. The problem, however, arises from trying to make the seemingly simple phone call to get the orphaned client with a new advisor.

”The problem is simple,” says Rene Lacape, Marketing Manager for Equote Life Insurance. ”When you have a client who has not been assigned to an agent for quite some time, it’s quite possible this may be the first time they have heard from your company in years. This is not something they think about daily. Suddenly getting a phone call from a new agent can be confusing and basically a strange feeling at best.”

The call is not about apologizing for the years that have passed since they talked, however. The call is not about trying to impress them and lure them into something else, either. The call is about developing trust and building a new relationship with the customer encouraging them to meet and talk about things. Since it’s likely a new agent is now on the account, getting them to meet for the first time is crucial.

”It’s all about going back over things and getting the client to come in and chat is the best way to rekindle and improve the relationship,” advises Rene Lacape. ”They do not want a sales pitch. They do not want a pity party. You have to find a way to connect to the client in a way that will make them interested. If you can get them to feel that it is important to review everything with you, you can make your job a lot easier.”

”One of the most important outcomes is simply a review of their current life insurance policy. You have to get them to go over what they have in a way that makes them feel as if they are not pressured. The key is to not bring up the word ”review.” You have to get them to realize that you are new to their account, and that going over the policy together is not to make sure that it is ok. It is often more about getting you both on common ground, and seeing if they need coverage or even change the type of life insurance they have,” said Rene Lacape.

The appointment is just that, an appointment. This is not a policy changing experience. It does not have to be a high-pressure situation that makes the client feel uncomfortable. If you can get them to realize this, you have a much better way of getting them to that appointment. A phone call and e-mail can only do so much. Use these as tools to get to that appointment to get the ball rolling on the advisor/client relationship. It may be difficult, but trying new approaches and a more cautious approach may be more beneficial in the long run.

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