Life Insurance – Preparing for the New Year

With all the excitement of the holiday season almost upon us, many will be looking forward to unwrapping presents, feasting on turkey dinners and enjoying time with the family.

However, for many of us there will no doubt be financial aftermaths to the holiday season. With credit card bills to pay and insurance policies to sort out, it can be a nightmare having to put financial plans in place.

One of the most important policies that should be at the top of your insurance shopping list is some life insurance. This helps to provide a safety net for your family should anything sudden happen to you. Policies range from critical illness cover to income protection, which will provide financial support for your loved ones if the unexpected should happen.

It can be worth checking with your current employer to find out if you’re entitled to some cover through the company, some of the policies may be worded differently, so don’t be afraid to ask for advice if you’re unsure.

Also consider taking out two single life policies rather than a joint policy, this will provide double the cover for only a little bit extra. When searching for a life insurance quote, consider how much cover you’d want to secure against yourself and your property.

When applying for a life insurance policy, it is important to disclose all details, even about minor health issues or niggles – including smoking habits and any recurring muscle pain – for failure to be truthful with your insurer could potentially invalidate your policy and lead to no financial support. Also ask your insurer to write your policy ‘in trust’ – this will help you to avoid a hefty tax bill against the policy.

Before signing any documents, be sure to read over your policy and check every detail to check what you are covered for. By taking small steps to arrange even a small amount of protection, you can give yourself and your family piece of mind for the New Year and ensure that, if the worst should happen, then you and your family will receive some crucial financial aid to help with the future.

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