Know Your Car Insurance Companies

You may wonder why should you know your car insurance companies. One very good reason is that in the event of an accident you would be less likely to accept a false proof of insurance. How’s that possible?

A few months ago my car was hit while I was sitting at a stop sign waiting to turn left. The other driver coming from my right cut the corner before realizing there was a car there. Needless to say it was a head-on collision, but thankfully she was slowing to turn.When the time came to exchange insurance information, she handed me a letter on official letterhead that gave a policy number for auto insurance.  The letterhead said “DriveTime”. I’d heard about DriveTime as being a place where one could easily get an auto loan.  I never questioned the validity of the “proof” of insurance I was given.

I found out later, when I tried to file a claim for repairs with the other insurance company, that DriveTime insurance ONLY covers their car.  It is a comprehensive coverage that protects DriveTime against any loss. However, it is up to the car buyer to obtain liability coverage from another source.

So before you get stuck with a “proof of insurance” that is no proof at all, glance at the list below just to get an idea of those real full-coverage auto insurance companies. These are American insurance companies with a strong regional and national presence.

* American National Insurance Company

* American Automobile Association


* Allstate

* American Family Insurance

* American Farmers and Ranchers Mutual

* Amica

* Auto-Owners Insurance

* California Casualty Insurance

* CapitalOne

* Commerce Insurance Group

* COUNTRY Insurance & Financial Services

* Cuna Mutual Group

* Electric Insurance Company

* Esurance

* Expatriate Insurance

* Farm Bureau Insurance

* Farmers Insurance

* Frankenmuth Mutual Insurance Company

* GAINSCO Auto Insurance

* GMAC Insurance

* Geico

* The General

* GuideOne

* Hanover Insurance

* The Hartford

* Hastings Mutual Insurance Company

* Haulers Insurance Company

* Infinity Auto Insurance Company

* Liberty Mutual

* Nationwide Insurance

* National Interstate

* Metropolitan Life Insurance Company

* Mutual of Enumclaw

* OneBeacon Insurance Group

* Pekin Insurance

* Pemco

* Progressive

* Safeco

* Safeway Insurance Group

* Standard Insurance Company

* State Auto Insurance Companies

* Shelter Insurance Companies

* Solid Insurance Group

* State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company

* The St. Paul Travelers Companies, Inc.

* Trustgard Insurance

* Unitrin Direct Auto Insurance


* Wawanesa

* Westfield Insurance

Of course, there are a lot more insurance companies that this, but this is a list of the most common. So if someone gives you a proof of  insurance that doesn’t sound like a company name that you are familiar with, make sure you get all of the contact information, including their driver’s license number…just in case.

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