Is It Possible To Get Term Life Insurance Without An Exam?

Frequently, the answer is no. Generally, term life insurance is not an item you can place an order for. If you can, watch out! Life insurance companies demand applicants take a physical exam when applying. In any case, there is no need to worry.

It is possible to obtain a term life insurance exam in your house based on the life insurance company you are applying to, where you live and the shape you are in. Term life insurance exams are often quick. The exam usually takes from fifteen to thirty minutes. Generally, a term life insurance physical exam is no cost, which is good to know.

When it’s time to go to your insurance exam, be prepared for the usual. Your height and weight will be recorded by the doctor. Blood pressure, blood and urine samples will be taken. The doctor will ask you about your medical record. It is good to bring notes or documents along to help you remember. You might be asked about previous or present medical problems, past surgeries, medicines or treatments you have had in the past or are taking now, and most likely the medical conditions of your family.

You could be asked to give addresses and phone numbers of physicians you have been under the care of in the past and present. Most likely, you are reluctant to give your private data to a strange doctor. Be certain that your information will be kept private and is used solely for the application. Your information will be sent right to the term life insurance company by the physician.

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