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Life Insurance: When Death is Not Reported

The danger of a having a lapsed life insurance plan without receiving any benefits can be possible if the death of the policyholder is not reported to the insurer. Sometimes, there are cases when the policyholder failed to inform his or her beneficiaries or anyone about the insurance plan that he or she purchased. In […]

Affordable and Easy Ways and Reasons to Buy Life Insurance

Affordable and Easy Ways and Reasons to Buy Life Insurance  variable universal life insurance Visit Here now as significant by the Life further Health Insurance Foundation for scoop (LIFE), is abiding life insurance that combines the bright premiums again flexible death benefits of universal life insurance, with the investment options of variable life insurance. […]

Life Settlements Redefine the Potential of Life Insurance Policies

In the late 1980s, the AIDs epidemic gave birth to the viatical market, in which a terminally ill patient would sell their life insurance policy to a viatical firm for more than the cash surrender value. As AIDS patients began living longer, this practice eventually evolved into the Life Settlement industry. Today retirement age citizens […]

Converting A Term Life Insurance Policy To A Permanent One

Term life insurance is a very affordable way to keep your family insured during your early years. Since a young family has a lot of financial obligations, term life insurance very conveniently combines security and affordability for you. However, term policies are not forever, and when the term comes to an end, you will have […]

Life Insurance, a Brieft History

Copyright (c) 2009 Graham McKenzieLife insurance, in one shape or another, has been around for centuries, and believe it or not, the first polices were crafted way back by the Chinese.In the mid nineteenth century, life insurance polices emerged in the United States, slowly influencing Europe and South Africa towards the last quarter of the […]

Term Vs Whole Life Insurance Policies – The First Question That You Need To Answer

When you begin your search for a life insurance policy, one of the first questions you\’ll need to answer is whether you want a term policy or a whole policy. It\’s an important question you can only answer if you know the basics about each kind of life insurance. Term life only lasts for the […]