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Term Life Insurance – Value of the Life Insurance Policies

A study says that there are still many people who are really scared to get a life insurance policy because they somehow do not like the word insurance. Sometimes some feel that insurance means it is a type of burden which they might have to drag for the whole life whereas they are unaware about […]

We can insure everything

We live in unpredictable world and can\’t be sure in tomorrow. We simply don\’t know what can happen to us, our family and our property. Earthquake, flood, hurricane, accident and many other situations when you can lose everything in one moment. Anyway, we live in civilized world and every day a lot of risks surround […]

Protect your Family with Term Insurance

We don\’t always think ahead and it\’s certainly great to live without the worry of anything going wrong in our lives. However, when purchasing a home or having larger assets that your family will need in your absense is important. Develop a plan on how to provide for your family. We can do this by […]

Make Your Life Patch-free With Whole Life Insurance Policy

India is one country in the entire world that is a bright prospect for this kind of insurance business. Today all the insurance magnates and companies are trying to establish themselves in a country that holds more than 1/6 of the total population on this earth. For these interested parties, India is an exceedingly rich […]

Term Life Insurance: A Low Cost Life Insurance Policy Option

Need low cost life insurance? Look at the budget options in low premium life insurance. Life insurance premiums are generally much cheaper than cash-value policies (universal and whole), especially when you\’re young and healthy and at low cost life insurance is not the same as what you expect to take care of your financial income […]

The rise & fall of Insurance India

Many in India consider the insurance sector as the secured one but the recent downfall in the premium income of private and public life insurance and general insurance companies clears this myth. The figures came out in the light, regarding the premium income of insurance industry clearly shows that Insurance India is not recession proof. […]