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Life Insurance Policies- Term Life Insurance and Permanent Life Insurance Basics

The basic idea about life insurance is to make sure that our loved ones are provided for in the untimely event of our death.There are a few benefits to a life insurance policy that will come in handy to you while still alive. Life insurance is put defined into two categories- Term Life Insurance and […]

Term Life Insurance Defined

Term life insurance is by far the simplest form of life insurance. Term life insurance is simply that, insurance for a term or specific period of time. It pays a benefit only if you die in the designated period of time. On the downside, it pays nothing if the policy expires before you die. It […]

Where to Start When Searching For a Good Life Insurance Policy

If you are in search of a good life insurance policy, the first thing you should do is decide on what the policy should do for you. Is your aim to ensure your kids\’ continued education or to make funds available for settlement of mortgage and credit card debt? Maybe you have a lot of […]

Orphaned Life Insurance Clients

It is obvious to any successful life insurance agency that that orphan leads are important and should not be discounted. If someone has purchased a service from you, keeping them happy and current can help both parties involved. The problem, however, arises from trying to make the seemingly simple phone call to get the orphaned […]

Birla Sun Life Insurance gifts ‘Bachat Plan' for its traditional savers

  Mumbai, : Birla Sun Life Insurance Company (BSLI), one of India\’s leading life insurance companies, is introducing the BSLI Bachat (Endowment) Plan, an insurance plan that will help customers build a corpus through regular systematic savings. With this plan customers can start saving for their future and provide financial security to their families with […]

Life Insurance Policies might get cheaper: Reduced mortality charges

Typically, a life insurance policy has two components- protection and savings/investments. IRDA , through their latest guidelines on ULIPs have ensured that the various charges on the savings/investment component of the life insurance policy will become cheaper. But now, a further change is on its way which will benefit policyholders- the mortality charge , ie […]