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Group Health Insurance For Seniors

Group aarp health insurance plans are commonly the lowest cost way to go, have additional benefits, and are generally alot simpler to understand. Nevertheless, as a large number of seniors have retired or have started their own business, they no longer have the option of a good low cost group medical coverage plan. Various elderly […]

Directchoice-Insurance And Loans South Africa

Let\’s face it – with the amount of options out there it is really difficult to reach a conclusion when trying to decide where to go if you are looking for a financial services product. Even more so on the internet, where the options are seemingly endless and the list of providers goes on forever.That\’s […]

New Requirements Under Ssap 10R May Cause Significant Alterations To Your Company’S Deferred Tax Calculation

The NAIC approved SSAP 10R, a revised, temporary replacement of the income tax standard under SSAP 10.  The revised standard is effective for year-end 2009 and year-end and interim 2010. The NAIC revised this standard in order to be more in line with the “Statutory Statement of Concepts” of conservatism and transparency. The revisions are […]

The Organisation of the Ping an Insurance (group) Company of China, Ltd

Ping An Insurance (Group) Company is the holding company of Ping An Life Insurance Company of China, Ltd. and Ping An Property & Casualty Insurance Company of China, Ltd. It also controls China Ping An Insurance Overseas (Holdings) Limited and Ping An Trust & Investment Co. Ping An Insurance (Group) Company of China, Ltd. (‘Ping […]

Insurance Concerns of Divorcing Couples

Few life changes are of more consequence than a divorce. In addition to the financial and emotional difficulties, you\’ll face special concerns about your insurance coverage. Planning for these changes should begin long before the divorce is final. The selection of life and health insurance beneficiaries may have to be revised. If you have children, […]

Most Common Variables Considered When Calculating Car Insurance Rates

Car insurance is necessary for every person who owns and drives a vehicle. In just about every jurisdiction, the law requires that you own car insurance. It protects both you and other drivers from loss that may arise due to the negligence or actions of others. Some people believe that price is the most important […]