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Is Term Insurance Right For You!

For some reason I always seem to receive a lot of mail this time of year on the subject of \”Life Insurance\”. Most want to know the benefits or pitfalls of Term Life Insurance over Permanent Life Insurance. Term Life Insurance is by far the most cost effective way of securing a life insurance policy […]

Private Placement Life Insurance – An Irs Tax Audit Strategy

Private placement life insurance is a pre-emptive IRS audit tax strategy that transforms taxable ordinary income and capital gains into tax-free income (with no income tax reporting required under current U.S. Law).  Please reference IRS Private Letter Ruling 200244001 (May 2, 2002). For U.S. Persons with investment income, private placement life insurance provides for compliant, […]

How To Find The Right Life Insurance Policy For Your Family

In this article we will explore the differences between whole-life and term insurance. By learning the advantages and disadvantages for both you can safely make an informed decision for your family. Whole-Life Policies Whole-life insurance policies offer the consumer the opportunity to put their premiums into an insurance account from which they can later withdraw […]

What You Need to Know About Insurance Drug Tests

If you\’re like most people, when you encounter a question on a health or life insurance application that relates to recreational drug use, you quickly mark no. Even though most people agree that this information doesn\’t ever need to be publicly disclosed, insurance companies are always looking for a factor that could allow them to […]

Cautionary Tales on Terminating Your Life Insurance Policy

There is no denying the importance of life insurance. As an integral part of your financial plan, life insurance can protect you and your dependents in the case of loss of income due to death. For a young couple, insurance is especially important as they have years of expenses ahead of them. From mortgage payments […]

Ge Mortgage Insurance Issues Statement on S&p Credit Watch Action & Get an Auto Loan the Smart Way

GE Mortgage Insurance today released the following statement in response to the decision by Standard and Poor\’s to put GE Mortgage Insurance on CreditWatch: S&P made its decision despite the fact that our capital position has never been stronger. The S&P action is based on a change in S&P\’s rating methodology, not on any change […]