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Protecting Your Family: Health Insurance, Life Insurance, And, Don\’t Forget! – Disability Insurance

A recent survey by Harris Interactive for America\’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) found that most Baby Boomers underestimate their risk of missing work for an extended period of time due to a disability. Yet they believe that they are more likely to suffer such a disability than to die prematurely. What\’s wrong with this picture? […]

The Best Type Of Life Insurance – Affordable Life Insurance Rates Online

In need of The Best Type Of Life Insurance?  A life insurance plan is a major step you can take in order to assure the prosperity of your family.  In times of struggle, your family or dependents can truly benefit from a life insurance plan.  The insurance policy can secure the financial security of your […]

How to choose the right life insurance policy?

What is Life Insurance Policy? A life insurance policy is a contract between the insurer and the policyholder. In general the one who pays regular amount of payments called premiums to the insurer is referred as policyholder, the one who receives the premiums and in return will pay the specified amount to the beneficiary or […]

Compare Life Insurance Policies – Get A Free Consultation Now

Are you looking for Compare Life Insurance Policies?  Investing in a good life insurance policy is a very important step in protecting your family\’s future.  During times of trouble, an adequate life insurance plan can assist your dependents.  The financial stability of your children will be protected by the life insurance plan when you are […]

Glossary Of Insurance Terms

– Assured – Those insured under the terms of an insurance policy. Benefit – The money paid to the policyholder when a claim is made. Bid Price – The selling price or cash-in value of your unit holdings. Bonus – Relates to a with-profits policy. The amount of money added to the benefit payable under […]

No Exam Life Insurance Policies – Compare And Save On Life Insurance

Looking for No Exam Life Insurance Policies?  In order to ensure the welfare of your family, it is critical to buy a fitting life insurance plan.  A good life insurance plan can provide for your loved ones during trying times.  The insurance plan can safeguard the financial stability of your close ones when you can\’t.  […]