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A Few Facts About Term Life Insurances

Everyone should have a term life insurance policy, but there are some things that you need to know before signing for a policy. Term life insurance policies have a fixed lifespan. If the insured dies after the term, his family won’t receive anything. However, there are some advantages for this type of policy and you […]

The Bad About and the Benefits of Whole Life Insurance

A lot has been written about whole life insurance. Is it a good or bad type of insurance? It is not so easy to say that. We can now look at some of the bad about and benefits of whole life insurance. What is whole life insurance? Whole life insurance may also be recognized as […]

5 Year Term Life Insurance – Get A Free Quote Today!

Looking for 5 Year Term Life Insurance?  It\’s critical to buy a fitting life insurance plan to secure the welfare of your family.  In a time of trouble, a proper life insurance plan can be very useful for your children and spouse.  The life insurance plan can protect the financial health of your children when […]

Life Insurance Is Cheaper For Vegetarians

Vegetarians are set to benefit from reduced life insurance premiums. Recent surveys into the death rates reveal that vegetarians are less likely to suffer major illnesses than people that eat meat. As a result Animal friends Insurance have offered a 6% discount on their life insurance cover for veggies. The company is a not-for-profit enterprise. […]

This Isn’t Your Grandfather’s Whole Life Insurance Policy

Whole life insurance has a pretty boring and not entirely sterling reputation due to the high cost of some policies as related to being used just for insurance. Term insurance is better for providing pure insurance. But the venerable whole life insurance policy still has a number of uses that make it perfect for investing […]

Life Insurance Proceeds – Managing Your Windfall

Your spouse dies and you are aware that s/he had a sizable life insurance policy. You welcome your new acquired wealth but you are not certain how to handle it. For someone accustomed to handling large sums of money there is no problem but for the average person there is a disturbing uncertainty that doesn\’t […]