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Affordable Term Life Insurance – Do Your Homework

The market for term life insurance is a good thing that the people think is important. The amount of life insurance, each person needs depends on your situation. There is no fixed amount that applies to everyone. So, for example, a parent or a landlord, no doubt more than one person is good with less. […]

Some Factors For Term Life Insurance Policies

A term life insurance policy may be something to consider once you have reached a certain age. The main purpose of obtaining one is the security of your family\’s future. There are a number of different options that can be offered to you depending on the information you supply the insurance companies. Before attaining an […]

Life Insurance For Smokers And How To Get The Lowest Rate

Some life insurance companies are stricter than others when it comes to tobacco use. I\’ll cover that in a moment. First, let\’s take a look why most insurers charge higher rates for smokers. Smoking related deaths are the most preventable. There are hundreds of thousands of people that die, each year from smoking related diseases. […]

The Cheapest Life Insurance To Protect A Mortgage

Copyright (c) 2010 Steve Wentworth You need protection for your loved ones so they are not straddled with a mortgage debt should the worst happen to you. The mortgage is the biggest debt most of us are hit with in our life. If the mortgage balance was only achieved on the incomes of a joint […]

What Is A Common Disaster Life Insurance Clause?

Although not commonly applicable to life claims,  a Common Disaster life insurance clause is provided under what is known as the Uniform Simultaneous Death Law, which is adopted by most states to address the problem of protecting the contingent beneficiary in the event that the insured and the primary beneficiary die at the same time, […]

Life Insurance

With life insurance, the insured is transferring the risk of death on to the insurer. It is not always the case that the insured is insuring their own life. Therefore there are three parties in a life insurance contract, the insurer, the insured person, and the owner of the policy. The other vitally important party […]