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How to choose appropriate life insurance policy?

Life insurance has been recognized as one of the basic step to achieve financial security.  It protects families to suffer dramatic financial setback or disaster in the event of unexpected death on top of emotional lose.  However, choosing an appropriate life insurance policy that fits your need could be challenging.  You will have to study […]

3 Different types of life insurance policies that you can get

<!– @page { margin: 2cm } P { margin-bottom: 0.21cm } –> This article highlights 3 different types of life insurance policies that you can get from the market. They are term insurance policy, whole life policy, and endowment policy.   Types of life insurance policies The 3 types of life insurance policies are given […]

Do you Really Need a Life Insurance Agent?

There was a time when life insurance policy brokers were hardly welcomed as a friend. The mere appearance of a policy broker was treated with suspicious eyes. They were not enemies but someone who was not worthy of friendship as far as personal insurance was concerned. Days have changed. Now an insurance consultant like me […]

Insurance News – UK Ex-Smokers Reportedly Paying Too Much For Life Insurance.

According to recent life assurance research by Sainsbury\’s Bank, many ex-smokers may be paying too much for their life insurance. They assert that during the past 5 years approximately 6.78 million people have given up smoking, however only a quarter of these people have informed their life insurance company. Time requirements differ between insurers; however, […]

Heavy Drinking Can Increase Life Insurance Costs.

Britons are drinking too much, shout the headlines. Out of those who live in Great Britain, two thirds say they drink to excess at least once a week and almost a quarter hurt themselves while they are intoxicated. This is according to a report by the Drink Aware Trust and the British Chiropractic Association. But […]

Life Insurance- Buy Better To Have Better Life

Best life insurance policy helps to secure your life risks. So, always buy better to have better life. Various factors which are required to be considered in buying process are: Life insurance need: The suggestion behind life insurance is to make your family financially independent in case of your absence. Life insurance is necessity if […]