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Free Life Insurance Quotes

One of the first steps when you have decided to take the plunge and purchase life insurance is to find a price you can afford. The cost of monthly premiums can vary greatly between companies so it’s wise to get a few quotes before settling on one company. Before the advent of the Internet getting […]

Competitive Term Life Insurance – Updating Your Policy

If you are in your 40\’s and 50\’s, there is great news when it comes to competitive term life insurance rates. Let\’s take a look at how your situation could affect your life insurance rates. Use Competitive Term Life Insurance To Reassess Your Needs Couples who think that they no longer need to look for […]

What You Need To Know About Life Insurance Policies

Buying life insurance policies seems overwhelming to many people. This daunting task often keeps people from actually purchasing life insurance policies. However, with a little research, people can become informed about different life insurance options, making the selection process much easier. Choosing A Policy Perhaps the biggest choice a consumer can make in terms of […]

The Crash of 1929 and Its Effect on Life Insurance

Soon after Mr. Ecker took the helm of the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, Leroy A. Lincoln, at the age of 49, was made Vice President. He had come into the company in 1918, and in little more than a decade had demonstrated his capacity to handle a variety of complicated administrative problems. He had a […]

Smoker? Ex Smoker? How Smoking Can Affect Your Life Insurance Premiums

If you smoke, the likelihood of dying from smoking-related causes rises dramatically. Therefore, life insurance companies typically charge smokers higher rates than non smokers. This is to compensate them for the additional risk they incur when extending a policy to a smoker. However, even if you do smoke, or are an ex-smoker, there are things […]

How to Obtain Reliable Life Insurance Quotes

With such high stakes – such as the future financial well-being of a family – choosing the correct life insurance policy is a very serious decision and one that requires deep thought. Life insurance quotes are the major means of calculating whether the rate of return is going to be worth the initial outlay. Just […]