Term Life Insurance – Value of the Life Insurance Policies

A study says that there are still many people who are really scared to get a life insurance policy because they somehow do not like the word insurance. Sometimes some feel that insurance means it is a type of burden which they might have to drag for the whole life whereas they are unaware about the benefits which they can enjoy uninterruptedly for life long. It is a simple procedure to protect the future of the family from all untoward incidents and financial sufferings which they might have to face after the death of the breadwinner of the family.

Life insurance is like a bridge which leads the path towards success without compromises. It is a legal deed made between the life insurance company and the policy holder which promises a complete financial backup to the survivors of the family after the death of the policy holder.

There are some simple facts to why it is important to insure ourselves.

1) Suppose if we die before we invest in any of the life insurance policy then our family will have to suffer and our children will be forced to leave their studies in between and start looking for a job.

2) If there is any mortgage taken against the house then they will forcibly thrown out of the house if it is not repaid on time.

3) The whole family will have to suffer mentally and financially.

So considering all these facts and to save our family from all these mental traumas it is very important that we invest in the life insurance policy.

If investing in the life insurance is important then knowing the details of the procedure and the benefits is also equally important. For this we have to approach the life insurance agents with an avant-garde mindset so that while taking the decisions to buy the policy we do not get frustrated or do no panic at any cost. We have to be cool and calm and decide for the best life insurance policy which will benefit us for over a long period and which will easily fit into our budget. Sometimes success is some fields are easily achieved whereas in some cases we need to stay focused and work hard on achieving the goals. There is a saying that \”A stitch in time saves nine\”. This is very true. It is very good if we take the resolution on time and invest in any of the life insurance policy so that there are no disappointments later. But even if due to any reasons we have not invested in it then it is never too late. We can invest now also even if we have crossed our 40\’s and 50\’s. There are policies where we can invest at this age also. When my father was young he had never invested in any of the life insurance policy because he was not able to cope up with the present expenses of his family. But after he retired we all convinced him to buy a life insurance policy which will benefit him in his upcoming years.

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We can insure everything

We live in unpredictable world and can\’t be sure in tomorrow. We simply don\’t know what can happen to us, our family and our property. Earthquake, flood, hurricane, accident and many other situations when you can lose everything in one moment. Anyway, we live in civilized world and every day a lot of risks surround us that\’s why insurance is necessary thing if you want to feel confident.

There are a lot of companies that can offer you any types of insurance. The most popular are AAA Insurance, Allied, Hartford Insurance, Amica Insurance, USAA Insurance, Aenta, Golden Rule, AFLAC, Warranty Direct. I\’d like to talk about Amica Insurance.

This company started its activity in 1907. It was known as mutual insurer of vehicles, homeowners, provides personal insurance and marine. Company\’s main office is in Lincoln, Rhode Island. More than 3,000 people work there and you can find 40 offices around the country.

Amica Insurance is quite reliable company and a lot of people secure their property, lives and health there. Company can offer life insurance for those who want to be sure in family\’s financial future. Representative will tell you about insurance plans that are available and will help you to choose one that suits you the best and that is affordable for you. If you are Amica Insurance (http://amica-insurance.pissedconsumer.com/) customer for some period of time, you are illegible or discount. Representative will tell you about it and explain new costs and conditions because it may wary from state to state. Amica poses place in Word\’s 50 list of best life insurance companies. You can trust life of your dearest to this firm.

Auto insurance. Amica\’s staff will pay you attention and will help you to choose right insurance plan, coverage option and price that will satisfy you. Also you can use Amica Advisor, this is online option that will offer you the best insurance plan taking into account information that you provide. If you use Amica Advisor you have to state you personal data, everything about your car and if you had any accidents before. If you budget is limited representative will offer you money-saving discounts to make insurance affordable for you.

Home Insurance. Besides basic coverage that offers any insurance company  Amica Insurance can offer you plans according to which you are eligible for additional living expenses in case of insured accident. For example if you can\’t live in your house because of damage or you house needs to be repaid and cost of removing debris is also covered. In case if catastrophe or burglary your personal property can be replaced. You also can ask advisor about discount that is available.

Amica Insurance has such good rating thanks to its customer service. In August J.D. Power and Associates 2010 National Auto Insurance Study named Amica Mutual Insurance Co. the best company in providing customer service and customer satisfaction. I no wonder. Friendly stuff has time for you to help you choose the best warranty plan and meet all your needs and payment ability. Representatives provide personal service and take care about every client. You will feel that employees pay attention to any detail to organize rapid settlement of claim.

\”No one can compare to Amica\’s service and professionalism.\” \”Your representative was an absolute ace! She knows the product line well, has great customer skills and was generally a pleasure to do business with. You should clone her!\” It is customer\’s opinion.

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Protect your Family with Term Insurance

We don\’t always think ahead and it\’s certainly great to live without the worry of anything going wrong in our lives. However, when purchasing a home or having larger assets that your family will need in your absense is important.

Develop a plan on how to provide for your family. We can do this by looking at term life insurance programs. There cheap and a simple cost effective way to provide one form of protection in the case of just such an emergency. 

These term life policies are not really that expensive and sometimes are provided at reduced cost by any affiliated professional organizations or in your company health insurance programs.  Make some inquiries to see what is offered out there and compare those rates with the ones found online sites.

In the case that you can\’t find an alternative, standard rates can be as low as 20 dollars a quarter and may not even require that you perform a medical exam. It certainly does pay to do this while you are younger to lock in lower rates therefore capitalizing on better terms. Basically do this while you are healthy.

I keep my term life policy in a cabinet and in a place where people will be able to locate important information. It\’s a good idea to call the companies to figure out what will be needed in the case of someone having to call on the policy. But generally having information in a specific location and showing people in your family where it is is a smart idea.

Do your research before committing to a company and tons of additional information is available online. I tend to lean toward recognizable companies because in such an evnet I want to know the company will be there and to look after the family. This is not to say that a smaller company can\’t provide this type of service. then again, that is the reason you want to speak to these companies till you get a better trust in the service that is offered and the ease in which they work with you. We all know company customer service is not like it used to be.

It safe to say, we all hope to never have to use this type of policy. But the risk of not having something in place to help cover basic costs is important.

Please be safe and enjoy life with the security of having Term Insurance!

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Make Your Life Patch-free With Whole Life Insurance Policy

India is one country in the entire world that is a bright prospect for this kind of insurance business. Today all the insurance magnates and companies are trying to establish themselves in a country that holds more than 1/6 of the total population on this earth. For these interested parties, India is an exceedingly rich source that is yet to be tapped to its saturation point. Today insurance sector is one of the biggest sectors in the Indian democracy. Also as the awareness has increased, so has the people\’s perception regarding the insurance for whole life. Most of the people today recognise the significance of holding an life insurance policy. This is the chief reason why today, the Indian democracy is witnessing a flood of insurance giants entering the market.

Accidents can never be predicted, they can only be prevented but as they say \’to err is human\’ and incidents like these never give a person a second chance. Some people commit this mistake and after that life does not give them another chance to rectify this mistake. At this critical point, it is quite important to realise that people today are more concerned about securing their future and their family members\’ future and that safety can be attained only by means of whole life insurance policy.

As it is quite clear by the name itself, this category of insurance aims at securing whole life of the insured person. The procedure to apply for these policies is quite simple and at the same time is also a very hassle-free affair. People can either take the help of insurance agents or could use the modern age tool of Internet to reduce their worries about finding a right kind of insurance deal. Both of the methods are effective but the only point of concern here is that people these days are preferring to go the Internet way as it is quite unique and most of all has a very wide scope. One main edge that Internet holds over the other method that it involvement of intermediaries (in the form of insurance agents) is almost negligible, and also the interested buyers need not come under the influence of insurance agents. Hence, no more burden of persuasion and emotional blackmail.

People often get confused while deciding upon the type of insurance policy one needs to take. Here people are advised to set their priorities right and take the decision with a clear head. Insurance companies in India, today are offering a wide array of alternatives in terms of whole life insurance policies. They are normally of two types of policies, participating and non-participating whole life insurance policies. In the later version of policy, everything is determined at the time of issue of policy. The only problem being that once the policy is issued, it cannot be altered.

While as far as the former version of the policy is concerned, the insurance company offers a benefit to the policy holders in case it is able to get excess profits from the policy. Thus, the dividend or the so- called profit that is earned by the insured person is directly proportional to the profits earned by the company.

In India, the market of whole life insurance policy is mushrooming which is the main reason why almost all the insurance companies in India are now offering these type of policies. People who are interested in buying policies can seek the help of Internet, where some websites offer the alternative to apply through Online mode. This Online form is a kind of two-minute form that can be filled with ease and at the same time can be submitted Online too. Some of them also give the chance to compare life insurance plan and make the most of the insurance freedom being provided to the potentially-rich customers in the form of common people.


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Term Life Insurance: A Low Cost Life Insurance Policy Option

Need low cost life insurance? Look at the budget options in low premium life insurance. Life insurance premiums are generally much cheaper than cash-value policies (universal and whole), especially when you\’re young and healthy and at low cost life insurance is not the same as what you expect to take care of your financial income if you die. Here is a low cost term life insurance policy:

Buying Term Life Insurance

You buy low-cost life insurance policy with a certain period, usually one, five, or ten years. During this \”time\” you pay a premium. You or your family accept to receive benefits when the insured one died during the term life insurance policy.

Facts about Low Cost Term Life Insurance

It seems so easy, right? As with all insurance, the complexity of a small loop-hole to complete. For example, death benefits may not be the same in all life insurance premiums, depending on whether you choose the level of diminishing, or increasing insurance premiums.

And what if your term ends? This is the case of  changing or updating the policy, take 10-year life insurance on the basis of low cost life insurance with death benefit. It stays the same during the period of insurance, life insurance and at the end of the semester you wish to \”change\” another term in life insurance, such as cash value policies without further medical examination. In this case, you choose life insurance conversion rates for the very best.

Term decisions, whether a life insurance policy is for you

Life insurance does not build cash value, or to obtain tax breaks, such as universal or whole life, but can be a great choice for people who want life insurance, but not able to pay higher premiums. Here is a check-list to help you decide whether a low cost term life insurance policy is for you:

  • You are on a budget and unable to pay very high premiums.
  • You are young and healthy.
  • Look at simpler, straight forward, low cost life insurance plan to protect beneficiaries.

Talk with your insurance agent about term life insurance.

When examined in terms of life insurance agent, ask lots of questions. Generally, the agents receive a commission on many aspects of life insurance cash value of poetry and politics, you may need a bit to ask for more information.

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The rise & fall of Insurance India

Many in India consider the insurance sector as the secured one but the recent downfall in the premium income of private and public life insurance and general insurance companies clears this myth. The figures came out in the light, regarding the premium income of insurance industry clearly shows that Insurance India is not recession proof.

Downfall started from the life insurance sector of India where the major and most trusted companies have not recorded much impressive premium income. To start with, Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) has reported the growth rate of 4.45% in FY09 collecting total Rs.1.56 trillion as its premium income. The decline is also seen in the current year\’s first quarter as the private life insurance player like ICICI Prudential Life has shown the downfall of 49% in its growth in June quarter. Meanwhile SBI Life, the life insurance PSU has also recorded the premium income of Rs.1,072.72 crore in the same quarter against the last year\’s same quarter premium income of Rs.1,148.64 crore.

The insurance industry of India is not only witnessing this decline in life insurance sector but is also looking south with its general insurance biz. The recent data shows the slow negative growth of the general insurance industry in India with both public and private companies giving out mixed results. In the first quarter of the current fiscal where the public sector general insurance companies like United India, New India Assurance and Oriental Insurance have recorded the growth of 14%, 7% and 10% respectively, another PSU National Insurance has resulted in the negative growth of 2%.

Speaking of private general insurance companies, some big players like Reliance General Insurance and Tata AIG General Insurance have witnessed the negative growth. The other players in the same category like Bajaj Allianz General and ICICI Lombard Insurance have reported the southward growth of 13 and 21 percent respectively in the June quarter. However there are some private companies present which have recorded the higher growth rate against all predictions, this includes Royal Sundaram which has grown by 10% while Cholamandalam has posted the positive growth of 17%. Interestingly, HDFC General insurance products provider wing, HDFC Ergo has also recorded a growth of 246% in its premium section.

The volatility of the insurance sector in India can be measured in the growth figures of past 5 years where the motor insurance business is grown by 16% while the health insurance industry has registered the growth of 37% in the same period.

The negative growth of ICICI Lombard Insurance and Bajaj Allianz General against Cholamandalam and HDFC General Insurance is seen, by experts, as the result of poor reach in the cities while the poor show of life insurance is analysed as the result of lack of good insurance advisors.

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